Billing Questions

How does a new customer obtain service with the Rock River Water Reclamation District?

When a person is purchasing a home, they need to find out from the realtor which water department will service their new home. If it is any of the surrounding water departments such as the City of Rockford Water, North Park Water, Loves Park Water, Cherry Valley Water, Rockton Water, or the Village of Winnebago Water, all you need to do is contact them to set up a new account and they will send that information to us. If your property is on a well, it is the responsibility of the seller or new owner to contact us. You should be able to find out this information from your realtor. New homeowners should also read about the Clear Water Discharge Ordinance requirements CLICK HERE. The new homeowner may also want to ask if the property has a lawn watering credit meter.

How does the District bill?

The District purchases billing information from surrounding water departments through an intergovernmental agreement with each water department. We receive water consumption, billing adjustments, and name & address changes.

How does the District calculate Bills?

The District calculates the bills by multiplying the water consumption received from the water departments with our current billing rates. Accounts that are on wells that do not have a meter to read are billed based on an overall average of all single family residential accounts.

The District calculates Industrial/Commercial User Fee bills using the flow volume and a concentration value for BOD, TSS and NH4-N (Wastewater Characteristics or WWCs). These WWCs are obtained by sampling and analyses conducted by the Rock River Water Reclamation District.

In order to calculate an estimated Industrial/Commercial User Fee bill CLICK HERE.

What is the District current billing Rate?

For bills issued after April 1, 2019, the billing rate is approximately $4.05 per hundred cubic feet (100 cubic feet = 748.052 gallons) of water used for the residential users plus $6.31 per billing customer charge.

The Board of Trustees of the Rock River Water Reclamation District sets all rates, fees, charges, penalties, bond requirements, permits and any other charges for the District.  To view this ordinance, please CLICK HERE.

What if I can’t afford to pay my bill?

We have partnered with a local agency to provide assistance to qualifying low-income households. Users who need assistance with their sewer bill should contact the Rockford Human Services Department at 779-348-7114.

How does the District bill well accounts?

  • Well account bills are based on an overall average of all single family residential accounts.
  • Well accounts may also have a District meter installed for a quarterly fee. This will allow for accurate water usage reads.   CLICK HERE  for more information.

How often do you bill?

Bills are issued every 3 months, except for North Park residents who are billed every 2 months. Our bills normally cover a time period 3 months behind our issue date.

Do you give adjustments on filling swimming pools or watering lawns?

No adjustments are given for filling swimming pools or watering lawns. However the District has a Summer Usage Period Discount Program that automatically gives those customers with actual readings a credit on summer bills. The credit is based on an average of your winter usage (Jan & Feb) bills plus 20%. The actual readings are the responsibility of the owner and servicing water departments.

All metered water users that do not have credit meters, automatically receive Summer Period Discount for filling a pool, watering the garden or watering the lawn. This program requires that users have actual water readings throughout the year.

The advantage to the summer period discount program is that there is no expense for maintaining a credit mater.  Note that commercial customers are not eligible for the Summer Usage Period Discount Program.

Any residential customer(s) and all commercial customers who desire a credit for actual water used but not returned to the District,  can have the District install a credit meter with an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) head.   The District or its agents will read the meter remotely.  There is a quarterly fee (or bi-monthly for North Park Public Water customers) based upon meter size.  The fee covers the cost of the credit meter and AMR,  installation (up to the current quoted rate from the installer) and all related meter maintenance.

Residential customers for more information  CLICK HERE.

Commercial customers for more information CLICK HERE.

What do we do when we are moving?

You need to contact the water department that supplies your water to set up arrangements with them to have a final reading taken. They will then forward that information to us. If you are on a well you need to contact us directly to give us the date you will be moving so we can final your account.

Does the District give bill adjustments?

The District gives a once a year adjustment for major leaks. Bill adjustments are only made if notification and supporting documentation justifying an adjustment are received within 180 days from the bill issue date. No adjustment will be given if the account has more than 4 previous estimates.