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Credit Meter Program – Residential

Sometimes all water used does not go down the drain to the sanitary sewer.  Activities including, but not limited to; lawn watering, garden watering, filling pools, and car washing contribute to this non-returnable water.  The District has developed a process to install and automatically read residential credit meters.  ONLY METERED WATER SERVICES ARE ELIGIBLE.  The use of a credit meter allows the District to credit customers for water that does not go to the sewer.  Residential customers have two options:

Option 1: (No cost option) DO NOTHING AND USE THE  District’s Summer Usage Period Discount ProgramTHIS IS THE DEFAULT OPTION.

Option 2: Pay a yearly fee (amount of fee is based upon meter size) for a credit meter and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) head.  The benefits of having a District residential credit meter include: 1) your residential credit meter is automatically and accurately read; 2) the residential credit meter is installed and maintained by the District.

The links below contain additional residential credit meter information.  Please use the Credit Meter Form if you are interested in having a credit meter installed.