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Is the District accepting job applications?

The District only accepts applications for specific job openings. To find out if there are specific openings, please visit the Job Openings page.

If you have additional questions you may email Human Resources or phone 815-387-7541.

When will the District be hiring?

It is extremely difficult to anticipate when an opening will occur. When an opening does occur, it is first posted internally, and employees have the first opportunity to apply for the position. If the position is not filled by a qualified candidate internally, the District will seek outside candidates through this website and by advertising in the Rockford Register Star. You are welcome to check this website frequently. As soon as an opening is available to outside applicants it will be posted on this site.

What type of positions are there at the District?

The District has many different types of positions and employs individuals in the following fields: administrative work, information technology, chemistry, industrial surveillance, engineering, plant operations, plant maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and sewer service maintenance.

What type of benefits do you offer employees at the District?

All full time employees are eligible for health, dental, and life insurance for themselves and their eligible dependents on the first day of full time employment. Effective 05/01/2017, employees pay 11% of single premiums, 14% of two member premiums, and 17% of family premiums. The District also offers other supplemental insurance plans through HealthSmart and AFLAC.

All full time employees are covered through IMRF, the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. This requires that each employee contribute 4½% of his or her earnings to the fund. More information about IMRF can be found on their website, www.imrf.org.

The District has a 457 deferred compensation program available to all full time employees. A flexible spending program is also available. This program allows employees to contribute money on a pre-tax basis to cover un-reimbursed medical expenses, medical premiums, and day care expenses.

Do you have a Summer Employment Program?

The District offers a summer employment program to students 18 years and older who have graduated from high school and will be attending college in the Fall semester. Several openings are usually available each year. Preference is given to those students who worked at the District the previous year. If you are interested in this program, please email Human Resources or phone 815-387-7541 for more information.

Are there any residency requirements to work at the District?

Employees of the District are not required to reside within a specified geographic area.  A new employee, within 3 working days of his start date, must be able to submit proof that he is a U.S. citizen or has a visa permitting him to work in the U.S

Does the District test applicants for drugs?

Yes. Any offer of employment with the District is contingent upon successfully passing a test for illegal drugs. If you take illegal drugs, do not apply.

It seems like there are never any openings at the District. Why?

We like to think that the District is a good place to work and no one wants to leave. Also, with the current job market, individuals are staying at the jobs they have for a longer period of time. Sometimes, openings tend to go in spurts.

Human Resources can be contacted at 815-387-7541 or email Human Resources.