Backflow Prevention Program


The Rock River Water Reclamation District will provide funds for the installation of backflow prevention devices to residential building owners who have experienced or may experience sanitary sewer backups during periods of heavy rainfall.

The District has determined the necessity of certain requirements for the cost reimbursement program in order to protect the District’s sanitary sewer system, the integrity of such a program, and the financial well-being of the District.

A cost reimbursement program for the installation of backflow prevention devices is hereby implemented in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. The District may reimburse an owner up to $1,000 for the cost of installing a District approved backflow prevention device.
  2. The program applies to all residential class buildings connected to the District’s collection system.
  3. Financial participation of the District is limited to funds budgeted for the program. Said funding level may be changed or eliminated based on the District’s annual review of the program. Reimbursement is not guaranteed except as defined by the program.
  4. Applications will be reviewed and prioritized for the purpose of determining funding eligibility based on the following:
    a. One or more sanitary sewer backups have occurred at the building and were reported to the District. The owner must provide documentation of previous sanitary sewer backups.
    b. The building has the potential to experience sanitary sewer backups as a result of insufficient elevation differential between the building’s internal plumbing and the District’s sanitary sewer system. No sanitary sewer backups have occurred at the property, but the owner desires to install a backflow prevention device as a preventative measure.
  5. An owner desiring to participate in this program must complete the following steps:
    a. Owner submits a completed and signed Application for Participation form.
    b. Upon receiving a Notice of Eligibility from the District, the owner obtains proposals from a plumber registered and bonded with the District and local building authority. If the owner does not submit all of the required information within six (6) months of receiving the Notice of Eligibility, the owner must resubmit an Application for Participation form and the new application will be treated as if it is the first application.
    c. Owner arranges and pays for a licensed plumber to complete an RRWRD Clearwater Building Inspection and submits a Clearwater Inspection Form to RRWRD.
    d. The District reviews proposals, provides the owner with preliminary approval, and provides agreements for owner signature. The Owner returns the signed agreements and a signed proposal with the selected plumber within thirty (30) days of the date of the preliminary approval.
    e. Owner and plumber obtain all permits and complete the work at the expense and responsibility of the Owner.
    f. Upon approval by the District and the appropriate building authority, acceptance by the owner, and submission of a paid receipt from the plumber to the Owner, reimbursement will be made directly to the Owner. (The Owner is also encouraged to obtain an appropriate waiver of lien from the plumber for the Owner’s protection.) Said reimbursement will be made per the District’s normal course of business.
    g. Once the work is completed, the plumber submits a Certification of Completion and a receipt indicating that he or she has been paid in full. Once the forms have been reviewed, the District will make payment to the Owner.
  6. Owners of the building where the backflow prevention device is installed must execute an agreement which includes a clause whereby the owners release and waive any liability against the District from any previous sanitary sewer backups or any consequence of the selection of the system to be installed, the contractor to be utilized, installation of the system, operation or maintenance of the system once it is installed, or eligibility, participation or funding priority in this program. If a backflow prevention device is installed, the District will record a memorandum of the agreement against the property. Said memorandum shall serve as notice that a backflow prevention device has been installed on the property which requires maintenance for proper operation.
  7. No owner shall be eligible for participation unless the owner and the building where the backflow prevention device is to be or has been installed are in compliance with all District ordinances, including but not limited to payment of all fees and charges due the District.
  8. This program will be evaluated annually and the District may change or eliminate the program.
  9. The owner must comply with the District’s Clearwater Inspection Program for Private Property infiltration and inflow removal.
  10. The program is limited to the actual cost of the backflow prevention device installation, subject to the funding limitations contained herein, but does not include incidental costs such as landscape restoration, painting, tile, carpeting, etc.
  11. The owner must provide the District with a signed proposal from a plumber. (Two proposals are recommended.) All proposals must provide sufficient detail for the District to determine the exact method of installation, the costs of labor and materials, the portion of work not eligible for this program under item 10 above, and compliance with all District ordinances and conditions, including this program.
  12. The owner or plumber must obtain a permit from the appropriate building authority (i.e. municipality or county). After issuance of the permits, any changes or modifications to the work will require review and approval of the District and the appropriate building authority.
  13. The plumber hired by the owner to perform the work must be bonded with the District and the appropriate building authority.
  14. The District is not party or third-party beneficiary to any contract between the Owner and the plumber.
  15. All work under this program must comply with District and applicable municipal or county ordinances, codes, and requirements. In the event of any conflict between the District and municipal or county ordinances, codes, or requirements, the District will prevail.
  16. The Owner may elect to proceed with the work even though funding is not available. At the discretion of the District, reimbursement may be made when budgeted funds become available in accordance with this program. Such installations must comply with all requirements of this program in order to be eligible for future reimbursement.
  17. The Supporting Services Manager may, at his discretion, provide a waiver of those program requirements listed above as he deems appropriate based on his evaluation of the individual circumstances related to a request for reimbursement.
  18. The District shall have the sole authority to determine eligibility for participation, prioritization of requests, and compliance with all District ordinances.

The following documents are available below:

For more information, contact the District’s Supporting Services Department at 815-387-7600 or email Supporting Services.