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Go Green with Online Billing and SAVE

Conserving our natural resources and preventing damage to the environment is a big priority at the Rock River Water Reclamation District. Switching to online billing not only gives added convenience AND SAVINGS ($1.25 per bill) to our customers , but also helps with conservation efforts.

Your decision to sign up for online billing will make a difference. By switching over to only electronic bills, statements, and payments, it is estimated that the average American household can save these resources in one year:

  • Save 6 pounds of paper
  • Save 23 pounds of wood
  • Prevent production of 29 pounds of greenhouse gases

You’ll find it more convenient to pay your bills online, too. We added some new features to our online bill payment system to make your experience faster and easier than dealing with all those checks and envelopes.

  • View and Pay Multiple Accounts
  • Improved Look and Feel
  • Improved Security Features
  • Enhanced Navigation and Help Prompts

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