Man using calculator and examining invoice

Industrial User Billing Calculator

How does the District calculate bills?

The District calculates bills by multiplying the water consumption (flow) received from the water departments with current District billing rates. Accounts that are on wells and do not have a meter to read are billed an average flow.

Industrial/Commercial bills are calculated by using the flow volume and a concentration value for BOD, TSS, and NH4-N, which are referred to as Wastewater Characteristics (WWCs).  These WWCs are obtained by sampling and analyses conducted by the District.

The Industrial User Fee Calculation Form is an Excel spreadsheet that allows an industrial or commercial user to estimate their user fee bill. The user fee portion of a wastewater treatment bill can be estimated by simply inputting a flow volume in hundreds of cubic feet (Ccf) and a concentration value for BOD, TSS, and NH4-N. Sampling and analyses charges can also be calculated by entering the number of samples collected and analyzed next to the respective pollutant. By entering the data into the highlighted areas of the calculation form, a final estimated total amount is given. Although, the dollar totals on this form are reasonably accurate, only bills issued by the District are the true and actual wastewater treatment bills.