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Starting a New Business

Industrial/Commercial Application is required for any new industrial or commercial business for any type of usage, for any business or industry that will have a change of use, additional flow, or a process change from existing status. An application is also required for any residential building with five (5) or more units per building. These forms are often requested by Plumbers, Businesses, and Consultants.

A supplement to this Application is the Sampling Manhole Form which is required for certain types of industry & business. Sampling Manholes provide monitoring facilities to allow inspection, sampling, and wastewater flow measurement.

This is part of the standard service connection permit process. Contact Engineering or call 815-387-7660.

Additionally, depending on the type of business and sewage discharged you may need to file additional Permits And Forms.

Redeveloping or opening a business in an existing property?

BusinessFirst logo small is a joint venture with the City of Rockford, Winnebago County, Winnebago County Health Department, Small Business Development Center, and Rock River Water Reclamation District to assist individuals in redeveloping an existing property or opening a new business in an existing property.

To meet with all these partners in one place, at one time go to BusinessFirst logo small.