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Credit Meter Program – Residential

Sometimes all water used does not go down the drain to the sanitary sewer.  Activities that contribute to non-returnable water include, but are not limited to, lawn watering, garden watering, filling pools, and car washing.  The District has developed a process to install and automatically read residential credit meters.  ONLY METERED WATER SERVICES ARE ELIGIBLE.  The use of a credit meter allows the District to credit customers for water that does not go to the sewer.  Residential customers have two options:

Option 1: (No cost option) DO NOTHING AND USE THE  District’s Summer Usage Period Discount Program. THIS IS THE DEFAULT OPTION.

Option 2: Pay a yearly fee (amount of fee is based upon meter size) for a credit meter and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) head.  The benefits of having a District residential credit meter include: 1) your residential credit meter is automatically and accurately read; 2) the residential credit meter is installed and maintained by the District. Please use the Credit Meter Form if you are interested in having a credit meter installed.