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Our Staff/Departments


Administration consists of the District Director’s office,  and is also responsible for the Human Resources and Purchasing Departments.

The Engineering, Financial Services (Business), Plant Operations, and Supporting Services Managers report to the Director. The District Director is hired by and reports to the Board of Trustees as the District’s senior manager.  To contact the Director’s Office, call 815-387-7420 or e-mail Administration.


The Billing Department is primarily responsible for billing the District’s 75,000+ residential customers. This includes reviewing water billing data from the five municipalities supported by the District. This department is also responsible for collection activities for both residential and commercial accounts, including the filing of liens and disconnection of water. They also process all special assessment billings and payments. To contact Billing, call 815-387-7500 or e-mail Billing. To contact Collections, call 815-387-7510 or e-mail Billing.


The Engineering Department is responsible for coordinating all development of sewer services within the District. The Department works with developers to ensure that service is available for new subdivisions, industrial and commercial facilities, etc. In addition, new sewers can be built to support established neighborhoods with failing septic systems. Engineering is responsible for the design, or coordinating the design, of all new sewers, pumping stations, and treatment plant processes. If you are interested in bidding public sanitary sewer construction projects please see our Bids page.

The Department also issues all connection and disconnection permits, inspects connections of new users, disconnections of razed structures, and inspects new public sewer installations and repairs. Information on connection permits, forms, and processes related to Commercial and/or Industrial facilities can be found at Commercial/Industrial. If you have specific questions or would like more information, please call the number below.

Due to the District’s comprehensive approach to sewer system management, the IEPA has granted the District local authority to issue mainline sewer extension permits. Please contact the Engineering Department for additional information on this process. Sewer Extension Permit Application forms are available on the Sewer Extension page.

To contact Engineering, call 815-387-7660 or e-mail Engineering.

To inquire about a connection permit, call 815-387-7555 or e-mail Engineering.

Financial Services

Financial Services include general accounting, accounts payable, and payroll functions. To contact the District’s Financial Services Department call 815-387-7507 or e-mail Financial Services.

Information and Technology Services

The ITS Department provides the infrastructure and applications to support the various District departments. It maintains almost 200 computers, over 60 miles of fiber optic cabling, and almost 400 applications, including but not limited to Utility Billing, EPA Reporting, a Geographic Information System (GIS), Geospatial Positioning System (GPS), a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS), and Sewer Inspection. The department also supports a majority of the District’s communication systems including a digital phone system, cell phones, radio telemetry, and web servers. To contact ITS, call 815-387-7561 or e-mail Information & Technology Services.


The District’s laboratory analyzes wastewater from District customers and the plant itself using a modern, sophisticated environmental laboratory. These samples are used to ensure that the cleaned wastewater the District sends to the Rock River meets or exceeds all EPA requirements. To contact the District’s Laboratory, call 815-387-7423 or e-mail Laboratory.

Plant Operations & Maintenance

These departments are responsible for a variety of District functions, which include operating and maintaining the District’s 100+ acre treatment plant located at 3333 Kishwaukee Street. Treatment Plant Operators are licensed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). The Maintenance Department consists of mechanics, electricians, and technicians. To contact Plant Operations or the Maintenance Department, call 815-387-7630 or e-mail Plant Operations.

Industrial Waste Surveillance

Industrial Waste Surveillance (IWS) sample technicians retrieve wastewater samples from District customers. These samples are used to ensure that companies adhere to all pertinent regulations and laws. In addition, these samples are used to calculate each company’s Wastewater Characteristics which are used to determine the amount billed to the company. The IWS department also coordinates the District’s response to a toxic chemical spill that could invade the sewers. To contact IWS, call 815-387-7640 or e-mail Industrial Waste Surveillance.

To report a spill call 815-38-SPILL (815-387-7455) ANYTIME!

(24 hrs a day, 365 days a year)

Human Resources

Human Resources administers the District’s job hiring functions, insurance, and worker’s compensation issues. To contact Human Resources, call 815-387-7542 or e-mail Human Resources.


Purchasing is responsible for handling bids, proposals, and quotations for services, supplies, capital items, and construction projects. Posted on the bid page of the Website, you can find requests for proposals, current bids, etc.  This information is provided for potential contractors, consultants, and vendors. To contact Purchasing, call 815-387-7425 or e-mail Purchasing.

Supporting Services

Supporting Services maintains the District’s many miles of sewer pipe that collect wastewater from the District’s customers. The department repairs, cleans, and inspects the sewer pipes. This department is also responsible for all District vehicle maintenance and responds to sewer backups into homes, businesses, etc. To report a sewer backup, you may call Supporting Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To contact Supporting Services, call 815-387-7600 or e-mail Supporting Services.